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Bodaciously Awesome Family Show's podcast

Nov 28, 2017

Taking the kids out for a special dinner: Maggianos! We soak up the environment and gorge on pasta and bread. It was Bodaciously Awesome. I also discover that sometimes the simplest things make the longest impressions. 

Nov 21, 2017

We're getting ready to give Thanks! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the boys dive into family traditions. Most of them revolve around eating (turkey, bread and Chinese food!). We also talk football and the most precious of family traditions (as coined by Adam's dad): Belch, Fart and Scratch Day! Give...

Nov 14, 2017

Join the Bodacious Family as we kick back on a beach weekend. It's the week after Hurricane Irma hit Florida and we took off for a relaxing weekend. We had a great time, even if the surf was still rough and a lot of places were still without power (including 80s Pro Wrestling Manager Jimmy Hart's restaurant!). Also this...

Nov 7, 2017

Adam and Anthony are back to review "Thor: Ragnarok." Did they think it Ragna-ROCKED? Find out! (And, yes, Adam makes that same bad Dad joke in the episode). We even pit it against other Marvel movies - to see who would win in battle. Was Thor Bodaciously Awesome?